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Are you a One Bag Traveler looking for bargain destinations? – Bargain destinations are very popular with travelers of all budgets.  Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Columbia and Argentina are an excellent tour of bargain destinations.  In Asia, traveler can fly into Hanoi, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) or Bangkok, and make a “grand tour” of the

Are you a One Bag Traveler looking for bargain destinations?

– Bargain destinations are very popular with travelers of all budgets.  Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Columbia and Argentina are an excellent tour of bargain destinations.  In Asia, traveler can fly into Hanoi, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) or Bangkok, and make a “grand tour” of the three countries (and include Cambodia) by using land transportation, and leave from the same city.  Columbia and Argentina are not as contiguous as the 3 Asian countries, but one could still get a decent airfare that included a stop in both countries.

Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Colombia and Argentina

One Bag Travel Guide to Bangkok

As the largest city in Thailand and the capital to boot, there are plenty of Bangkok attractions for tourists. The problem is there are so many different attractions that it can be difficult to choose. If you are looking for some sights that are a bit different here are a few of the more unusual attractions available in Bangkok Thailand.

Bargain destinations and attractions in Bangkok:

Erawan Museum

How does a three-headed elephant atop a pink building strike you? Tourists from all over enjoy visiting the Erawan Museum in Bangkok. This three headed statue is a representation of Airavata which in Thai means Erawan, hence the name of the museum. The statue is completely covered in bronze and the interior is just as beautifully constructed as the exterior. Inside the museum are three floors, each representing the Thai belief of the universe.

Yoyo Land Seacon Square

When you need a fun place for the kids to play while you shop or rest then Yoyo Land could fit the bill. This is not an amusement park in the American sense of the word, there are no roller coasters and such to ride but there is still plenty to do. The activities at Yoyo Land are aimed at children in the 3-10 year age range and the complex is located on the fourth floor of Seacon Square Shopping Mall; the largest shopping mall in the Southern Hemisphere. It offers video games, small rides, an adventure trail and of course, there is the live ammo shooting range for the adults.

Dusit Zoo

Wildlife in the middle of the city is the name of the game with the Dusit Zoo. The zoo covers 47 acres and was originally the royal botanical gardens for King Rama V. Inside the zoo adults and children can see over 1,000 birds and 300 different mammals. Rhinos, monkeys, giraffes and crocodiles are just a few species of wildlife you can explore at the Dusit Zoo, which is also conveniently located within Bangkok.

Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai

If you are looking for a place to visit that is not on the usual tourist trails then this is a necessary stop. Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai is only 40 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport and is the location of the longest reclining Buddha image in the country. It is even longer than the more popular attraction at Wat Pho. While you are in Bangkok or on your way back to the airport, this is definitely a sight you should take the time to visit. Massive red and gold archways welcome you to the temple and the vendors around the interior walls will supply you with fresh fruit, local foods or offerings for inside the temple. Take the time to walk inside the Buddha image and marvel at the painted murals that adorn the walls.

Ancient City (Muang Boran)

Spread over 240 acres and just one hour to the south of Bangkok is the Ancient City theme park. Here you will find over 116 constructions of various forms of Thai architectural style representing each part of Thailand. This is a full day out for the family as you explore the different regions of Thailand by bicycle, tram or on the weekends in your private car. Popular with locals and tourists alike this theme park really is a remarkable experience. As you travel between examples of homes from the Isaan area, in the North East of Thailand to amazing reproductions of temples from the Sukhothai period in all their splendour, you will begin to feel what Thailand is all about.

A Wonderful Place to Visit

Many people probably never consider Bangkok as a travel destination unless they have business locally, however it is a wonderful place filled with all kinds of things to do and see. Along with the many tourist attractions listed above you can enjoy luxurious hotel rooms, rides in a tuk tuk, take a boat along the canal system and much more all for a reasonable cost. Take the time to plan your itinerary for a Bangkok visit today.

One Bag Traveler Guide to Vietnam

One Bag Traveler
Vietnam Homestay

The Advantages of Self-Guided Vietnam Travel

By Dwight Zimpel

The amazing friendliness of the Vietnamese, an amazing collection of unique cultures, awesome scenery throughout the nation and gorgeous calm beaches are the things travelers dream about. There are only a handful of countries that offer all of these and you can include Vietnam among these. Anyone can join an organized tour group through a travel agency. Why don’t you do some research on your own, save some money and enjoy a personally planned experience of a life time – plan your own Vietnam travel.

A country with over 50 sub-cultures, awesome landscapes with sandy beaches, tropical weather and friendly hosts aren’t found everywhere. Sure, you can enjoy these travel attractions by joining an organized tour or even hiring a private guide to escort you around the country, but both of these options create a barrier between you and the friendly locals.

Vietnam has over 86 million people and is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The two main concerns of travelers – heat and monsoon rains have been addressed in recent years. Modern accommodations and transportation with air conditioning are prevalent and many Vietnam travelers have decided to brave the inclement weather of the monsoons to enjoy some of the benefits the rains – mainly better “beach” weather when the rains of the day have passed.

A large variety of Vietnam hotels has emerged in the past few years – small family run “mini-hotels” to 5-star luxury resorts – make comfortable accommodations available to every travel budget. The “Backpacker Telegraph” provides access to bargain hotels by way of the internet and word-of-mouth. Spend a little time “surfing the web” and you’ll find a wide range of places to spend a night or two to fit any budget.

Transportation “to and through” Vietnam can be financially managed by conducting a bit of research on the web. The large international carriers often offer great fares to various hubs in Asia. And the recent emergence of Asia’s regional bargain carriers will provide that last “hop” into Vietnam if you can’t manage to land in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) or Hanoi. Danang is now an arrival point for regional carriers from Thailand and other nearby countries.

In-country transportation can be arranged for a reasonable price by utilizing the “open tour” private tour bus industry, and if you’re really adventurous you can try Vietnam’s public bus system. Vietnam’s railroads provide excellent transportation from one end of the country to the other. Both the private tour bus companies and the railroad provide a number of choices in the area of comfort. “Hard” and “soft” are the adjectives used to describe the levels of service available on the train. You might even chance a local trip on motorcycle or enjoy a trip around town on a cyclo.

If you’re wondering what you do when you get to Vietnam, take a look at any Vietnam travel guide. There are “adventures” to meet the requirements of any traveler’s abilities and desires. Providers of local tour services can be found “online”, in travel guides, or “on the street” when you arrive in town. Waiting to arrange your tour until you’re “on-site” will allow you to make last minute changes to your plans, stay a few extra days at someplace that catches your fancy or spend your money on something else. If you’re on an organized tour you may end spending most of your time sitting near someone who’s a pain.

Planning your own self-guided tour of Vietnam will not only benefit you financially, but also culturally. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll make some new Vietnamese friends along the way.

Dwight Zimpel, Your Vietnam Tour Guide, is a Vietnam Veteran and has made 12 trips to Vietnam. He has lived in the Middle East and traveled the world for the past 20 years. Your Vietnam Tour Guide.

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 One Bag Travel Tips for Argentina

One Bag Traveler - Argentina

Traveling To Argentina During The Low Season

Argentina is unique and special country spreading on over 1 million square miles over the South America. In such a big country there are plenty different and interesting things that you can do like skiing, fishing, horse riding etc. What ever you like to do, you can do it in Argentina.

First you have to decide which part of Argentina would you like to visit (the mountains, the sea or maybe country side?) cause Argentina is really big country. Than decide what would you like to do, and after all that start thinking about prices, accommodation and transportation.

What is the weather like?

The weather in Argentina varies from subtropical to winter cold; it depends in what part of the country you are. It’s hard to speak generally about the weather in Argentina because it’s different in different parts of the state. But I will try to inform you about the weather you can expect in different time of the year.

The important thing to remember is that Argentina is placed in the Southern Hemisphere which means that the seasons are inversed (when the winter is in the US, in Argentina is summer). The weather there can be very tricky and rapidly changing, especially in the parts that are close to the Andes. The weather there is really unpredictable so you should be careful cause the rainfall and floods are often and extreme heat or even snow are not rare either.

Mostly Argentina is really nice country with nice weather but there are parts that you may avoid. The south is very cold and winters can be brutal there so you should be careful. There is no need to go far south (unless you want to for some reason) because most of the hotels and attractions are closed.

Of course, the seasons with most attractions are summer and winter. Especially nice is Patagonia. It is very mild during the year with many attractions, but it can also be very unpredictable and it can change drastically without notice.

Few things you should try to remember is that the seasons are reversed which means that the summer lasts from December-March and the winter lasts from June-July. If you are looking for the most enjoyable weather that you should absolutely come in March, April, September, October and November.

Crowds in Argentina

Unfortunately the crowd is hard to avoid, unless you want to go in the low season. Yes, the high season and in the time of holidays the crowd is unavoidable. So, if you don’t like crowds than don’t go during the summer, winter or holidays. Or if you must try to stay somewhere out of town.
Fun time in Argentina

The choice is yours because there are no things that you can not do in Argentina. Really, there is something for everyone. To help you get started, here are some things that you can do by season:

Autumn (Apr-May)
Patagonia – sightseeing, especially in the north part
Northwest – trekking, horse riding
Northeast – visiting Iguassu Falls

Winter (Jun-Aug)
North Patagonia/Mendoza – skiing
Northeast – Iguassu Falls
Northeast – visit the subtropical forest (yungas)

Spring (Sep-Nov)
Buenos Aires – the most beautiful season, especially in November with the jacarandas in blossom
Patagonia – The whales come to Peninsula Valdes
Cuyo – great weather to visit the vineyards and taste the wine
Pampas – Visit the estancias and taste great barbecues (asados)

Summer (Jan-Feb)
Patagonia – trekking, horse riding, sightseeing in general, fishing
Parana River – fishing
Beaches – do nothing
Andes – trekking, repelling , horse riding
Cordoba – enjoying the hill country

The best time to save money

Like every other country Argentina too has parts of the year that are more or less crowded and more or less expensive. If you would like to save money than try to avoid high season (Dec-Feb and Jul-Aug). Also, try not coming in Argentina during the holiday cause prices goes up. If you want to enjoy in your vacation for a lower price than I recommend you to come during the low season (September, April and June). Don’t worry; weather is good during the low season too.

Final words

OK, you know the important things. Now just fix the rest, like your accommodation and transport and you’re done.

I wish you a nice and safe trip to Argentina, and a pleasant time staying there.

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Colombian Market

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